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Circles of Grace Image Embracing EVERYDAY Diversity Part 2: The Circles of Grace

Have you ever wondered how one event can happen and yet so many people see it from so many different perspectives.  I remember about 3 years ago I was perplexed by an event and I saw people on social media taking a whole different perspective.  I couldn’t accept the “let’s agree to disagree” moniker.  I […]

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From Head to HEART Embracing EVERYDAY Diversity Part 1: From Head to HEART

The big buzz word going around today is Diversity and quickly followed by Inclusion. How do you feel about it? Really, when you first hear or see the word “Diversity” what emotions and thoughts does it bring to your mind? I have found that in my audiences there are several different thoughts and reactions. Some […]

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screenshot-2016-10-23-22-42-24 We Paid Off 120K in debt in 7 years and HOW IT CAN HELP WITH YOUR GOALS!

7 years ago my wife and I started a journey that we never thought would end.  We started the journey of trying to rid ourselves of more than $120,000 worth of debt.  That debt consisted of car payments, credit cards, and most of all good ole’ Sallie Mae college loans.  The task seemed daunting, but […]

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humble cats Humility is the most underrated Leadership Quality and Why you NEED it to Be a Better Leader!

  When you think of a leader what do you initially think of? Do you think of a person that is a great delegator, a great communicator, and an inspirer? Well

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stencil-superman-logo-thanks-to-eli-kennedy-manofsteel-utk-edu-67675 Be An ACTion HERO: 4 Simple Strategies to Transition from an Average Leader to a SUPER Successful One!

  If you are like me then you have wondered what separates average leaders from the super successful one’s?  I have discovered that it is not

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Respect pinned on noticeboard 5 Quick Tips and ACTions for Creating a Better Culture of Respect in Your Organization

Think of a time you have felt disrespected/not valued?  How did it make you think or feel?  How did it impact your work?  What about a time when you were respected/valued?  How did that impact your work, productivity, and creativity?

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Planes in the Sky What I Learned from a Kid on the Plane Who Wouldn’t SHUT UP

Have you ever experienced a person on a plane, train or bus who just wouldn’t be quiet while you were trying to sleep?  Well here is what I learned on my most recent journey.

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Leadership Crossword 2 Ways to Inspire Those You LEAD

One of the hardest things to do as a leader is to inspire those you lead.  One way Webster’s dictionary defines inspire is, “ to cause (something) to happen or be created.”  The challenge is that sometimes as leaders we are causing the wrong things to be created and to happen.  Here are two practical […]

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BIg-Pill A Hard Pill to Swallow: Overcoming Setbacks in Life

Overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges can be hard, but it is much manageable when

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