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stencil-superman-logo-thanks-to-eli-kennedy-manofsteel-utk-edu-67675 Be An ACTion HERO: 4 Simple Strategies to Transition from an Average Leader to a SUPER Successful One!

  If you are like me then you have wondered what separates average leaders from the super successful one’s?  I have discovered that it is not

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Respect pinned on noticeboard 5 Quick Tips and ACTions for Creating a Better Culture of Respect in Your Organization

Think of a time you have felt disrespected/not valued?  How did it make you think or feel?  How did it impact your work?  What about a time when you were respected/valued?  How did that impact your work, productivity, and creativity?

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Planes in the Sky What I Learned from a Kid on the Plane Who Wouldn’t SHUT UP

Have you ever experienced a person on a plane, train or bus who just wouldn’t be quiet while you were trying to sleep?  Well here is what I learned on my most recent journey.

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Leadership Crossword 2 Ways to Inspire Those You LEAD

One of the hardest things to do as a leader is to inspire those you lead.  One way Webster’s dictionary defines inspire is, “ to cause (something) to happen or be created.”  The challenge is that sometimes as leaders we are causing the wrong things to be created and to happen.  Here are two practical […]

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BIg-Pill A Hard Pill to Swallow: Overcoming Setbacks in Life

Overcoming some of life’s biggest challenges can be hard, but it is much manageable when

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