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***I not only customize, but I can create a new presentation just for your event, graduation, or conference***

Become an ACTion HERO (Volume 1): Your Vision Unleashed through Passion, Planning, and Punching: The Fight of Your Life [30-60min]

Stop living your life with your eyes closed to your dreams, possibilities and vision. In this interactive program, youth will be asked to dig deep and consider ways to take control of their destinies. In this session, youth will be challenged to:

  • Identify their true vision, and vision imposters
  • Recognize those factors that keep them tied down to mediocrity
  • Break through the clutter of the culture to put action to their dreams
  • Seek out a “vision partner” to hold them accountable to excellence
  • Use applicable tools to fight for their life with all that they have

Justin mixes music, movement and message to give your youth an experience that will challenge them to take action to shape their lives.  Help Unleash their Vision with this dynamic presentation!

Become an ACTion H.E.R.O (Volume 2): The ACTions of Super Successful Student Leaders [30-60min]

Don’t settle for just being a student leader. Be a super successful one! If you’ve ever felt ineffective in your leadership role, it probably came from engaging in the wrong ACTions at the wrong time. Learn what super successful student leaders do and don’t do. You will learn:

  • The differences between an average student leader and a super successful one
  • The correct ways to implement change in your student organization (there are 5)
  • How to interact successfully with those you lead
  • How to leave a legacy and empower others to take your place

This presentation is jam packed with information that will change the way you lead. This program is funny, energy packed, and interactive. Perfect for student governments, student activities, leadership conferences, and more.

ACT O.U.T. – Young People ACTing (Optimistic, Up (Grow Forward), and Talented) [30-60min]

Are you sick and tired of Youth ACTing OUT, well not anymore because Youth ACTing OUT will change your life forever.  This message is a high-energy, entertaining, music filled challenge for all youth to do the necessary ACTions for success.  In this presentation they will learn:

  • What it really means to be positive and some practical ACTions they can use to STAY positive
  • How to determine the causes of negativity and how to either eliminate or minimize them
  • Ways that they can focus on their present and future, and not get lost in their past
  • How to overcome some of life’s greatest obstacles in order to grow forward
  • How to identify their strengths and why and how they can use them for their future

I don’t know about you but I am ready for other young people to ACT O.U.T. because after all if you don’t it may mean you won’t ACT on your future at all.  This is a presentation that will have participants out of their seats and laughing, but they will walk away with tools to ACT O.U.T. for the rest of their life!

Mission Possible: The Top Secret Life of Excellence in ACTion (Living Life Intentionally) [45-60min]

This Secret Agent inspired presentation will be both entertaining and educational all wrapped in one!  While many people including young people don’t live life on purpose, Justin will show them how to live intentionally in a fun and interactive way.  The youth will learn:

  • What excellence looks like practically in their lives
  • How to leave places of mediocrity in search of excellence
  • How to achieve more with S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • How the HERD theory applies to everyday life and how to break free from it
  • How to create an ACTion plan of Excellence to execute when they leave the presentation

Your youth do not need to live life unintentionally, but they can live it intentionally with their Excellence in ACTion!  This presentation will lead them to understand the places where good is no longer good enough, and that place is excellence.  This message will self-destruct with lives lived intentionally!

Workshops (2)

Can You Manage to LEAD? (High School) [60min, 90min, Half-Day workshop]

In this workshop youth will learn how to stop managing and how to start leading.  This workshop takes an interactive look at modern day leadership and the need for better leaders.  Through group discussion, an indoor obstacle course, and active participation get ready for youth to walk away with:

  • Tools to evaluate their leadership through the eyes of others
  • Resources to impact people around them
  • Why they should always L.I.E.
  • Understanding their individual Leadership Style
  • A leadership action plan to begin leading as soon as they leave!

Why have them manage, when they can lead!  You will see why leadership is more than talk, when you realize that you CAN Manage to LEAD!  Perfect for student leaders, leadership conferences, and student retreats.

The Power of WE: Building Stronger Teams through Social Styles (High School) [90min, Half Day Workshop]


While there is no “I” in team, it is up to every individual to understand their individual contribution to the team at large and in this high-energy and high-information workshop participants will see their “I” fit into team!  In this workshop they will learn:

  • How to identify their own personal social style through an assessment
  • How to identify other people’s social style
  • How to interact more effectively with people of the same style and other styles
  • How to effectively communicate in high stress situations
  • How to lead people of the same social styles and others of a different style
  • To create a personal ACTion plan to use as soon as they leave

Get engaged in this VERY interactive workshop that will merge the “I’s” with the “We’s” through information, interaction, a team challenge, and a personal ACTion plan.  Build better teams with the Power of WE!

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