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* The Quilt: Realizing the Power of Gospel Centered Diversity

This presentation focuses on helping the church to embrace what the Bible says about being one especially in the areas of being multicultural.  This workshop is for you, and your leaders, if you are tired of Sunday being segregated and/or if your church does not represent the demographics of your changing community.  What you will gain:

    • A better theological understanding of what the Bible says about the topic
    • An understanding of what the core of diversity really is
    • An exploration of how “difference” can play out in your church/organization
    • Practical how-to’s (Practical Advice) after the why-to’s (Biblical evidences)
    • Develop a strategic plan to help your church move closer to Gospel Centered Diversity

This workshop is always customized to the needs of your church/organization in order to better assess the direction of the training.  Please contact us If you would like references of past participants/pastors of this training.

* Can You Manage to LEAD: Understanding the Difference Between Managing and LEADing

* The Power of WE: Building Stronger Teams through an Understanding of Social Styles

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